My WeightLoss Goals

I do not like diets or maybe it is just the word diet that I dislike so much. It seems like I gain weight every time I see the word diet. From all the diets online and all the books telling us how to lose weight, we should be the thinnest and healthiest country in the world. Not so, fat seems to be the new fad in America today, and guess what, I have always fallen for every new fad that came along, or so my mother would tell me during my growing up years… lol

My short-term goal:  8 lbs monthly
My long-term goal:  Lose the fat. Right now it is to get to a weight that I can be happy with, I will know what that is when I get there.
Food: Portion size, portion size, portion size and eat more fruits and vegetables
Exercise:  Exercise more.  UGH…I will work on exercise…lol
Well, there it is in a nutshell. 



My Starting Weight:  290