When you Come Face to Face With Your Mountain

October 10, In January, I started my journey to weight-loss and to date, I have not lost a pound but I did gain a few pounds. UGH! But since I started my journey I have come face to face with many mountains on my road to healing and weigh-loss.
Mountains of self-hatred, and low self-esteem, frustration, discouragement along with feelings of defeat. I thought I was ready to go on this journey and maybe I was but I wasn’t ready to fight the battles along the way. I got discouraged and frustrated every time I came upon a mountain so I just stopped, waiting for the mountain to move. Well, the mountain didn’t move, I did, I turned around and went back, and that made me even more frustrated at myself. It is a lot easier to quit than it is to push forward.
We all have mountains we face and we all deal with them in different ways, my way of dealing with the mountain was to stop and use whatever that mountain was as an excuse for quitting.
But on this journey to weight-loss and finding myself I have come to realize that I need those mountains in my life if I am open to learning from them. If not they will continue to keep me where I am. Turning around was the easiest thing to do because I wouldn’t have to face whatever that mountain was at the time. The mountains in my life were my lifeline when problems or issues came up that I didn’t want to deal with. At those times I would go back to what I know, what is comfortable to me. Eating is one of my lifelines I go to when things get tough or when I feel lonely and unloved.
I am talking about this today to say, weight-loss begins in the mind, if I don’t change the way I think I will not lose weight or have lasting weight-loss because I will continue to go back to my lifelines, one of them being comfort eating.
So, when I came face to face with my mountains I realized I need help to move them out-of-the-way. I got an appointment with the Diabetic Center and ask for help to lose weight. They set me up with a dietitian to help me choose healthier foods and an 8 week course to help me with my weight-loss. That should have been the first step on my journey to weight-loss. Live and learn…lol
I made myself an egg on a muffin for breakfast and had a couple of cups of coffee, okay, 3 cups of coffee…lol.
Have a great day everyone.