Week Two

Second Week…I will be posting weekly instead of daily. I did not realize how time-consuming daily posting would be. I enjoyed it but run out of things to say. That was a surprise to me, running out of words, that is…lol.
I went to my doctor on Monday for a wellness exam. I am not sure what that is all about, the questions were kind of weird. Like, are you depressed, or do you have trouble remember things. Huh…I wonder if he has been reading my blog…lol. He ask me three questions, 1. He gave me three words to remember: I will tell you the 3 words later. 2. He drew 3 objects: Square, triangle, and rectangle, so he said, draw a circle in the triangle, which I did, and he ask, which object is the largest, got that right…lol. 3. He then ask me to draw a clock and put the hands at 10 after 11, got that right. He said what are those 3 words I told you to remember. I said, what 3 words, then it hit me, he tricked me. I said: Umm, House, car, and, Umm, I guessed a few words and finally said, I don’t remember. He laughed and said, that’s okay it will come to you later. Well, he was right I did remember it later, the third word is family. I remembered it while writing this post…lol.
I also have an appointment with the Diabetic Center in October to help me with my weight. They are going to help me get my weight under control. looks like they have their work cut out for them, or should I say I will have my work cut out for me.
My week was good, I lost 3 pounds and gained 4 back, so today at the doctors the nurse weighted me and I lost the 4 pounds I gained so I am right back on track again…lol.
I have my meals planned out, or at least my breakfast and lunch. I am still working on my evening meal.
I decided to start my scrapbook thinking it might help me with my weight-loss. I cut out encouraging quotes to help motivate and encourage me. Taking some pictures to add to it and just have fun with it. I wanted to do a scrap-booking blog but not sure how to do that. Still trying, I might have to ask someone for help. That’s all I have today. I almost forgot, my weight is 292 this morning.