First Day

First Day…I can hardly believe that this month is half over, where did it all go. I was told that as we get older the years will seem to fly by. Well, I guess they were right….lol.
I have been thinking a lot about being on a roller coaster, up one day and down the next while moving along at high speeds. Hahaha, I love roller coasters but not like this, I am also having a little problem starting up again after all the stress of the past few months, been a rough year so far. Been eating things I have not allowed myself since the last birthday, like cake, cake and more cake.
Jerry and I went to Golden Corral with my cousins and Jerry came back to the table with a plate full of delicious deserts, so I thought I would like some dessert, I got a small amount of banana pudding, and a small slice of carrot cake. I love carrot cake. Anyway, Jerry looked at my plate and said, “that is 2000 calories”, I said, “SHUT-UP, I am eating this”. I said it a little loud and everyone around us started laughing. I was a bit embarrassed. Jerry handled it quite well by saying, you shut-up. We had a good laugh and I ate my cake…lol.
Tomorrow is day one of my journal…today is almost gone, and tomorrow is just a few hours away. I will work on making better choices tomorrow. My sister is helping me to do that, (make better choices). Love my sister. Tomorrow is 9/13/17, another new day.