Self-Talk, What You Say to Yourself?

July 18..It has been a while since I posted anything so here goes. Nothing has changed except maybe my attitude. I have changed the way I talk to myself, which I do often…lol. I am talking to myself a lot. I tend to talk to myself when I am working on something. I will be sitting at my desk at work doing something on the computer and I a talking to myself while I am working it out. People that know me knows that is what I do. They say, what and I say, it is nothing I am just talking to myself…lol. So if I am going to talk to myself then I thought, shouldn’t I be saying the right things, right! So I have an iPod that I downloaded some self-talk CD’s on to. I try to listen to it every night when I go to bed. It is beginning to help me see myself differently. I got mine from Shad Helmsetter, he is very well-known for his self talk books and cd’s. The one I listen to is self talk for weight-loss. It helps me to focus on who I am, not what I look like. And also, helping e to see myself differently. It is very good. In fact one of his books is, “Self-Talk, What do you say when you talk to yourself? Believe me I am a pro with talking to myself, but it has been saying all the wrong things. Time to change the way I talk to myself.
So, here is what I am doing to jump-start my weight loss. I am eating a healthy breakfast or smoothie in the morning and a light lunch and a frozen dinner for my evening meal. Day 1: I ate a half cup of steel-cut oats with cinnamon, 1 tbsp. raw sugar and half cup milk, 1 egg for protein and sprouted whole grain bread with butter, toasted. I think I kind of over did it for breakfast already, but I am making my biggest meal in the morning, but maybe not that big…lol. I’m learning, OK…lol.
So that is my coming back post. It is going to look different so stay tuned for what is coming up next.