A Child’s Love

Nana & Annie

Tuesday, 27 of June…It is a beautiful new day with new beginnings here in Idaho. The hummingbirds are humming around…lol, and the owls are hooting this morning.

We had our little Annie last week, and we had so much fun. She left yesterday for home and we are already missing her.   Hopefully she will get to visit again before the summer is over.

By new beginnings I mean I have been slacking, well maybe not slacking but I have not been tracking my food or weighing and not really caring either way, maybe that is slacking…lol. But something changed through the week and I am beginning to see things differently. I begin to see myself through Annie’s eyes, the eyes of a child. Love is unconditional and when we put conditions on our love we are saying I love you if you do thinks my way or believe my way, or look the way I think you should look. Annie sees me through the eyes of a little girl and doesn’t see me as fat or ugly. She thinks I am beautiful and she tells me that everyday. I say back to her, oh baby, that is because you love me and love is blind.. She said, yes Nana, I love you just the way you are, and I don’t want you to ever change. But at the same time she worries about losing me because my health has not been good. And that is when it hit me. She doesn’t care what I look like, she is concerned only about my health and the health of her papa. Love look different for everyone but if it is true love blindness is the common denominator. Love is blind, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and in the eyes of little children that love is real and unconditional. In Annie’s eyes I am Nana who loves her and thinks she is amazing, beautiful, smart and funny. Wouldn’t you think at my age I would have figured this out by now. Now don’t you go judging me, some people are a little slower than others, and that’s all I got to say about that…lol

Today, I am beautiful because I see myself through her eyes and not my own because I am seen as beautiful through the eyes of a child. In the same way we are to look at our self through the eyes of our Heavenly Father who loves us and sees of as beautiful, as His beloved child. We are beautiful in His eyes, and His love is unconditional. He ask nothing from us but encourages us to love others as He loves us.

Annie has inspired me to see myself through the eyes of love and to be a better person because of it. I have 3 amazing children, 8 amazing grandchildren, and 4 amazing great-grandchildren so I have been loved a lot through the years and they never once said I don’t love you because of whatever, they just love me.

I started to track my food again but I am only going to weigh once a month, so I will keep you up to date.

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  • You finally got it!!!! Stop being so hard on yourself and allowing Satan to keep you depressed....He made each of us differently....but our hearts and spirit should be the same. You are beautiful inside and out.....SO SHINE ON my sweet sister in law!!
    • Thank you Janie...I am finally seeing myself through the eyes of those who love me and what anyone else thinks doesn't matter. Life is to short to worry about small things, it is time to begin living life again, and I am looking forward to it. You are right it is time to shine.