Loving Family

Today is Tuesday, and it is beautiful out…I lost a little over 2 pounds in spite of the Memorial Day weekend. I really didn’t overeat but I did indulge in certain foods like chocolate cake and I did go eat at Garibaldi’s and ate everything on my plate. So, I am thinking that I would have lost more weight if I didn’t go to Garibaldi’s…lol. But it is a new week and I am beginning to see results. God be praised.
My goals this week is to get a little more exercise in if possible and to continue with my goal of losing two-pound a week. I am still overcoming a lot of pain but as I lose weight I think the pain will get less. One day at a time, I cannot look ahead to a long-term goal, each day is a struggle in itself at this point.
Spring is my favorite time of year, everything is coming alive with color after the long winter we had here. Our temperatures are still below normal for this time of year but looking forward to the temperatures rising some. I love the spring and summer holidays because it is a wonderful time to get together with family for BBQ’s. I love getting together with both sides of our family. We have so much fun with all games and the crazies of the family, like my daughter, granddaughters, and two nieces. You get those girls together and it is nothing but laughs…LOVE FAMILY.
One of the thinks we laugh about is me. Yep, I seem to say and do things that make people laugh, in a good way of course. I have always loved to play board games, cards and just about any game that a lot of people can play. The problem with that is I only get to play when we have a holiday…bummer. k
Today I had a half cup of hash brown potatoes with a diced onion and bell pepper then I added 2 eggs. It was very good, Ummm…I forgot to take a picture again. I plan on having leftovers for lunch, and chicken stripes with parmesan cheese bread crumbs and potatoes for dinner. And I guess that is it for today.