Live and Learn

Hello again! Today is Sunday, one more days until weigh day. It is funny how I have wanted to step on the scale everyday, and I did 3 days ago, I just couldn’t help myself I had to know. I am still making it about what the scale shows. It is slow, my weight loss that is. I guess that is what makes it so discouraging. But I am not giving up and I refuse to lose hope, because it will happen.
I am taking it one day of a time, that is all I can do. People lose a large amount of weight all that time, I mean people who are a lot bigger than I am and I think that is amazing the discipline they have. It has taken some 2 or 3 years to get it off but they did it, they stuck with it. And that is what I have to do, is stick with it. And that is the point isn’t it…don’t give up, keep setting your short-term goals and sticking with it.
I did eat more than I should have today. We to a Mexican restaurant, I always eat more when we go there with the chips and salsa and then the meal. Not a good thing to do with weigh day being tomorrow. Maybe I will wait until Tuesday…lol.
I have realized that my weight problem begins and ends from the inside out, I mean there are areas deep inside me that needs healing. Things that I have buried over the years that have been eating at me. But God is working in me to heal those areas that need it. So I am going to continue to go forward and not look back at the things I can’t do anything about. I keep the past alive with the what if’s and if only I did it this way. But you know I did what I knew to do at the time. I have said many times, if only I knew then what I know now. But I didn’t, I was learning myself. So please don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes because, l. you can’t go back and change anything and, 2. we learn as we go amd make a few mistakes along the way.