Hahaha…What’s the Title

Hi Again, It is Monday so I think I will weigh today and begin weighing every Monday. I want to lost two pounds a week, I have done it before so I think I can to it again. Eating out on the weekends is causing a big upset in my eating routine Monday through Friday. I blew it this weekend, We went out 2 times this last weekend. But it didn’t do too much to change the scale. I still weigh the same.
I have been working on my words, I got a little slack in the last few days. I am writing down what I say that is negative and replacing it with the opposite. It helps me to write it down that way I can see how negative I have been. Maybe I should record what I say for one day…lol. Seriously though, I have been better at it but I am still way to hard on myself. I have to begin to see myself is a new way. I did it again yesterday and looked at myself in the mirror and said things that were hurtful…did you know that your word can hurt you just as much or more as when someone else says something hurtful to you.
Someone reminded me this last weekend that our lives are not our own. Everyone that loves us is affected in some way by the choices we make. Why do we think that it is my life and I will live it as I see fit, because it is not just our lives. When we hurt the ones that love us hurt. My husband asks me every morning, how do you feel today and I tell him I am fine when in reality my legs never stop hurting. My legs were not designed to carry this much weight. But I don’t want to worry him needlessly. Actually he ask me that at least 3 or 4 times a day, and I almost always say I am fine because he can’t do anything about it anyway. He does pray for me often, and I really appreciate that. Ok, enough of that.
I went golfing last Thursday with my daughter and surprised myself by golfing better that ever. I felt good when I got there and it was a lot of fun. Of course I hurt 3 days afterwards…lol, but it was worth it. I love golfing with my daughter, good time together. Well got to go, I have a lot to do today so need to get started. Until we meet again.