Mother’s Day and Memories

Got together with family yesterday for Mother’s Day. Had lots of fun with my mom, sister and her family, my daughter and grand-daughter and two of my great-grandchildren and my brother and sister-in-law. My daughter, granddaughter, and the children planted all the plants I got for my flower garden for my mother’s day gift. Thank you so much all of you.
Lots of reminiscing and laughing and of course the jokes were on me as I tend to do things somewhat unintentionally to make people laugh. All in all the day was great.
We had a bbq but I still stayed within my portion size. Except for the hot dog, I kind of added that and the small corn on the cob. Okay, maybe I didn’t do as good as I thought, and did I mention the apple pie with whipped cream on it…yummy.
I got some supplements with my order from GOLO and they are doing a great fob of helping to keep my blood sugar under control. I am amazed. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I am a little excited to see what mm A1C is going to be.
So back on track today, I am going to make up some meals to last a few days so I am not cooking all the time. I am going to make up some superfuel matrics meals to see how that works out. If it makes it easier I am all for that.
I met my personal goal last week and lost 2 pounds. One thing I know about myself is, I will use any excuse to eat and I did that today. I said that I needed to get back on track today but it was hard for me. This program is not hard so I need to get focused again. Weighing myself everyday is kind of discouraging so I think I will try to weigh myself once a week. And I will work at getting on the gazelle at least three or four times this week. But, I do need to start out slowly. Well, that’s my plan for this week.

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  • I am so sorry that is always been a struggle for you. I remember growing up, you are always the one that I went to because we were both on diets together! Our metabolisms suck! LOL I know you are doing this for your health, but I don't want a skinny aunt Beverly! I love you how you are because you are perfect
    • It has been a struggle for me, and it is not that I want to be skinny I want to feel better and I want to be here for all of you, my family. Losing weight is not going to change who I am, I will still be me. I love you for loving me the way I am and as far as being perfect, I have a long way to Thank You Kelli.